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Certifying Professional Barbers and Barber Shops

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Certifying Professional Barbers and Barber Shops

Barbering Association in Nova Scotia

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Barbering Association in Nova Scotia

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Stay in compliance with barbering industry standards with help from the Nova Scotia Registered Barbers’ Association (NSRBA). Established in 1942, we are a barbering association in Nova Scotia that regulates the practices of professional barbers, barber apprentices, barber students, barber shops, and barber schools.

Our primary focus is to protect public health, safety, and welfare. We are a governing body that:

• Qualifies and Licenses Barbering Professionals and Businesses
• Establishes and Enforces Administrative Rules and Laws
• Provides News and Information So the Public May Make Informed Decisions
• Serves to Foster Growth and Support of the Barbering Industry in Nova Scotia
• Delivers Updates About Industry-Related Events

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The NSRBA Act is governed by the NS Fair Registration Practices Act. The NSRBA is an association created from the Registered Barbers Act and is a “regulatory body.”

View the NSRBA Act (1942) for more information.

NSRBA Act (1942)


As the membership is aware, we are in dire need of updating our legislation. Our Association needs the barbers of Nova Scotia to unite and work forward for the development of the industry.

View the NSRBA By-Laws for more information.

Barber License Renewals

Our Association is here to assist you with your barber license renewals. On December 31, all certificates will expire and must be renewed by February 28. Late renewals will be charged $25, so email the NSRBA registrar to inquire about registration or the status of an application.

Call (902) 830-7499 for information regarding policies, license renewals, and more.

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